Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

Marie Claire March 2017 issue writes: “Sensitive skin feature showcasing AlumierMD SensiCalm Cleanser which helps treat vulnerable skin. Want a Zen face-wash experience? Treat vulnerable skin with this zero-fragrance cleanser that’s also free from sulphates, which throw off its pH balance.”

Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

Destination Wedding, spring/summer 2017 edition, writes: “Headed to the beach? Planning to spend a lot of time outdoors? Avoid looking like a lobster as you walk down the aisle. Load up…

Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

Canadian Living April 2017 edition writes: “AlumierMD Retinol Resurfacing Serum 1.0 uses microencapsulation retinol (acting like a shuttle to carry and release retinoids into skin cells), which triggers collagen production and helps improve skin’s texture by speeding up cell turnover. $120,”

Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

Harper’s Bazaar April 2017 edition writes: “It is no wonder that many of us approach retinoids with trepidation. Their baffling number of forms, brand names and strengths can be almost as irritating as the original variants were on the skin….

Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

LUXE Ottawa Spring 2017 edition writes: “AlumierMD Broad Spectrum SPF 42 Sunscreen. Free of parabens, sulfates and dyes, this light, quick-drying sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin… Available at select dermatologists.”

Alumier Skin Experts / December 5, 2019

When it comes to vitamins, no one can deny that they are essential. But, in terms of skincare, is there a difference in effectiveness whether you take vitamins internally or topically? When it comes to a specific vitamin, vitamin C to be exact, the answer…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 21, 2019

When winter hits, you can feel it in your bones and definitely on your skin. This is the perfect time to hone in on your skin’s changing needs. The transition from summer heat to wintery cold can be quite…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 11, 2019

When the temps fall the first thing we think of is changing our wardrobe and bringing in comfy layers and cozy fabrics. It may be news to…

Alumier Skin Experts / October 10, 2019

Hyperpigmentation can be a pesky thing. With our skin constantly evolving, the melanin does as well and thanks to various factors, it can uneven the skin tone to varying degrees. Are there…