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Alumier Skin Experts / November 16, 2022

Skin Health & Wellness: Revitalise How You Look and Feel

Did you know your lifestyle habits and overall wellness can hugely affect your skin? Your general wellness plays an important role in speeding up signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles and can even make effectively managing symptoms of existing skin conditions more difficult.

In recent years, interest in wellness has moved from a niche pursuit to become an increasingly integral part of overall healthcare. Wellness principles are transforming the medical-aesthetics industry, and that includes medical-grade skincare. As Dr Mark J. Tager, MD explains, “The rise of regenerative medicine is playing a huge role, with amazing new ways to harness the body’s own healing potential,” he continues, “most of all there has been a dramatic shift in interest towards total wellness and the impact of nutrition and lifestyle.”

We’ve all observed the amazing smooth, clear and glowing skin we get when we’re feeling good both mentally and physically. When we’re able to reduce stress, get fresh air and prioritise sleep, our skin shows the benefits. Conversely, has anyone out there ever looked in the mirror on day one of the flu and thought – ‘great skin!’? Absolutely not! Here at AlumierMD, we’ve always had a laser focus on skin health; our medical professionals deeply understand the links between wellness and skin and offer personalised lifestyle advice to go hand in hand with product recommendations.

There’s no doubt that the health of our skin is intrinsically linked to what’s going on inside of us, whether that’s inflammation or stress. Our skin can also react to natural life stages such as pregnancy, menopause or even a new job or house move. By focusing some time and energy into our wider wellness we can see even better results from our skincare. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to focus on five pillars of wellness this season to help you get the best skin of your life:

 Hydration, sleep, stress management, balanced hormones, and gut health.

Over the coming months you’ll see a focus on each area with tips and advice from an array of skin, health and wellness experts who will help you become more aware of your wellness and build good habits for clearer, healthier skin.

First up is hydration, and you’ll find a bitesize guide to the, sometimes surprising, benefits of drinking more water in our informative, downloadable factsheet. Don’t miss the interesting discussion on our Instagram channel with Lisa Waring, nurse prescriber and director of @facetherapyni with loads of practical tips on how to get better results from your in-clinic treatments and skincare by ramping up the H2O. You can also get in touch with one of our skincare experts to receive personalised skin recommendations and wellness tips.


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