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Alumier Skin Experts / July 6, 2022

Pro Tips To Smooth Brighten & Tighten Your Eye Area

We reveal the secrets of fresher, more youthful eyes . . .

Whether it’s a long working day spent staring at a screen, a few evening drinks, or a restless night with little sleep, our eyes just can’t keep a secret! Puffiness, redness, fine lines, discolouration–the condition of this area will always give us away.

It’s all thanks to the super fine and delicate nature of the skin around our eyes, which is much thinner than the rest of the skin of the face, has very few oil glands AND is constantly moving as our eyes work hard to express our feelings to the world. We blink on average 10,000 times a day!

By choosing the right skincare, created especially for this area, you can keep it looking smooth, firm and bright. (Shortcut alert! Get amazing results from the Rejuvenating Eye Collection – our dynamic eye duo).

Tackle dark circles

Dark circles are usually hereditary, but stress, exhaustion, smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine can also play a part. Taking care of your skin means taking care of every part of you, so look for ways to limit stress in your everyday life. When it comes to skincare, it’s important to remember that due to the delicate nature of the eye area, moisturiser designed for your face will be too heavy. Always use a dedicated eye product like AluminEye™ which helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines. The light formula gently moisturises and contains light-reflecting ingredients to immediately brighten the appearance of under-eye darkness, so you start the day with soft-focus, beautiful glowing skin around the eye –all the better to show off your peepers!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We’re well versed in how thin and delicate the skin is under the eye, but this area is also lacking in oil glands, meaning it can quickly become dry. It might feel tight and smile lines may stay etched under the eye, as drier skin is less flexible. If you notice any of these signs, try to drink more water to help plump up(pass the Evian!). We also recommend using an eye cream twice a day to ensure the skin is adequately moisturised. In the morning reach for AluminEye™ which contains hyaluronic acid to increase skin’s water content and lock in moisture. A combination of tremella mushroom extract, niacinamide and murumuru butter work to nourish the delicate skin barrier. In the evening, try our Retinol Eye Gel which will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to cutting-edge microencapsulated retinol. The holy grail of skincare ingredients, retinol dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles but can be an irritant due to its exfoliating properties. We microencapsulate ours, meaning it’s delivered exactly where it’s needed while minimising irritation. To find out more, why not connect with a pro who can help you find a bespoke skincare regimen.

Say bye-bye to puffiness

Beauty sleep is real, our skin loves a snooze and always looks brighter and smoother after a full eight-hours, it’s also a great way to reduce the chances of waking up with puffy eyes. But we all know there’s no magic switch for falling asleep and just like life happens, sometimes so does insomnia! Hay fever is another cause of puffy eyes, alongside the lifestyle duo –bad diet –in this case too much salt (makes us swell)and not enough water. So, what can we do about it? Reach for our refreshing Eye Rescue Pads! Packed with moisturising and brightening ingredients, these soft little heroes are a morning gamechanger. Instantly soothing the eye area and preventing further moisture loss, eyes feel quenched and puffiness is terminated.

Be consistent

The easiest way to ensure your eye area stays nourished, smooth and bright is consistency with your skincare routine. Applying your eye cream day and night will ensure your skin is healthy, resilient and less likely to react to any changes in your lifestyle. We recommend Rejuvenating Eye Collection, our duo of targeted eye products packaged together in a go-anywhere cosmetic bag –great for holidays. Rejuvenating Eye Collection contains both AluminEye™ and our Retinol Eye Gel so you get a daily eye area routine that tackles every eye concern, leaving your skin smooth, bright and tight. You can connect to buy here; however, to get the very best results possible, a pro will be able to talk to you about how often to use each product, how much to use and how to layer them for YOUR skin.

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