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Alumier Skin Experts / July 27, 2022

It’s a Match!

How to Find Your Perfect Sunscreen

Ok, so you’ve read our previous blog on SPF and now we’re all in agreement that daily sunscreen is the cornerstone of a decent skincare routine. We all know it’s the most effective protective barrier between our radiant, plump, youthful skin and the damaging (read: youth-destroying) rays of the sun, so now it’s all about finding the right one for you. Wearing SPF used to be a drag, remember those heavy coconut scented oils or thick white creams that left us looking ghostly? It took a while for SPF formulas to match up to the comfortable feeling serums and moisturisers that we actively enjoy applying. Thankfully, sunscreen has joined us in the 21st century, it’s now easier than ever to find a texture that suits your skin and feels great to apply. It even comes in tinted versions that make skin look so good you can skip the foundation!

Finding the right shade of sunscreen

Our hybrid tinted sunscreens double as the last product in your skincare routine and the first step in your makeup sequence, but how do you find the right shade? We don’t know about you, but we’ve certainly had some disasters (don’t mention Tango or Oompa Loompas). That’s why we now have a unique Colour Match Tool that matches your skin to its ideal shade of tinted sunscreen. We’re pretty pleased to have created something we’ve never seen before, and that works so well in JUST 2 MINS! All you need is your phone and a mirror, or a good friend.

How to use our new Colour Match Tool

Grab your phone and press play on our Colour Match Tool you’ll see a series of shades come up, just hold your phone up to your face – look in the mirror and make your match! Look closely at the tone of the screen colour as well as the depth of shade to find the one that will look most natural on you. The tool is bang on most of the time but because YOUR skin is so unique, you might want to run your choice past your pro too, just to be certain. You can connect with a local skincare professional for advice about your whole routine here.

What about formulas?

It’s true that you need to find a formula you really like, otherwise you simply won’t use it. Our sunscreens are light and feel so comfortable on skin, they’re also formulated with physical sunscreen filters. This means they work to reflect the suns rays away from skin with a combination of micronised zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This pair of legendary sunscreen filters are the only two that have the Generally Recognised as Safe and Effective (GRASE) stamp by the FDA, you don’t have to worry about absorption into the body and sea life (including dolphins and coral) aren’t bothered by them either! In the past mineral sunscreens were the thick, gloopy ones, but our team of crack scientists have worked hard to create ultra-light formulas that feel just like moisturisers or serums. Most skincare professionals recommend mineral/physical sunscreens to protect your skin without irritation.

Sunscreen to fall in love with

Our physical sunscreens come in six different varieties – meaning you’ll find the one! Our Clear Shield is non-comedogenic (it won’t blog pores). Apply underneath makeup or alone for smoothing undetectable protection. Moisture Matte is a match for anyone who finds their skin oily by the end of the day. It helps to hold back that 4 pm shine by both soaking up excess oil and balancing hydration levels. Dry skin will fall in love with Sheer Hydration thanks to its unique blend that includes vitamin E. For a personalised recommendation that considers your skin’s needs, your goals and lifestyle, connect with one of our skin pros .

Don’t forget the antioxidants

As well as offering broad spectrum protection, and being supremely light and comfortable, all of our sunscreens are packed with antioxidants to help supercharge your sun protection. Vitamins C and E and resveratrol work to neutralise free radicals that can weaken the skin barrier leaving it vulnerable to premature ageing, lines and uneven texture. By choosing antioxidant rich sun protection you’re helping to maximise your skin’s defences every day.

So don’t risk your skin health, use our Colour Match Tool here and find the perfect shade of your favourite sunscreen formula!

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