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Alumier Skin Experts / June 27, 2022

All about Skinimalism

It’s the latest buzzword in skincare, and it’s a trend we’re very into . . .

So, what is skinimalism?

Skinimalism means adopting a simple approach to your daily skincare

Why is skinimalism having its moment now?

Investing time and energy into your skin routine for the best results is nothing new, but in recent years our lives have all changed quite dramatically (thanks to you-know-what). Partly due to having a lot more time on our hands (you-know-what again) many of us took the opportunity to take risks with our skin. Zero in salon appointments and no risk that we’d bump into people while our skin looked a little red, led to an explosion in things like at-home derma rolling and ten-step skincare routines. Unfortunately, overtreated skin quickly becomes sensitised skin. We started to see that lengthy regimes were not leading to the smooth, glowy skin of our dreams. Plus, who has time for ten steps twice a day?

How do I do it?

We always recommend a consultation with a skin professional this way, you get exactly what your skin needs and detailed advice on how, when and how much to use, it’s a personalised regime that leads to awesome skin, not over-sensitised skin. If you went a little wild diagnosing your skin, be assured you’re not the only one! Our professionals and our effective skincare can help you to calm and rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier. Plus, our hybrid skincare is so packed with actives, that using one product will often do the job of several. Take our sunscreens for example, of course, they offer daily broad-spectrum protection, but they’re also packed with protective antioxidants, hydrating enough to replace your moisturiser, and you can choose a tinted formula and skip foundation too. It’s the final step in any regime, and you can now connect to buy and get a tube right away.

Want skin that looks and feels amazing everyday?

In the competitive skincare market, we’re focused on trends and newness, but always with the perspective of decades of scientific backing, meaning our products and routines always hit the mark. We love helping you to find the results-driven, ingredient-focused AlumierMD routine that means your skin looks and feels amazing everyday.

Looking for more quality time?

Not only is skinimalism kinder to our skin and wallets, but it’s also a reflection of what we’re looking for in life these days. We’ve all connected with what’s important to us, wIt’s a lifestyle that suits our values here at AlumierMD, so if your skincare regime needs an overhaul, connect to a professional and we’ll bring skinimalism straight to your door.

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