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Alumier Skin Experts / May 19, 2023

I went for a skin consultation…here’s what happened

Hi, I’m Hayley, a professional writer in the skincare industry, and with almost two decades skin in the game (sorry, couldn’t help it), it’s safe to say I know my stuff. So, when I heard that AlumierMD recommend everyone has a consultation before buying their skincare, I was a tad skeptical.

I mean, I write about skincare for a living, so my knowledge is up there. I’ve also had some pretty ropey beauty experiences over the years (IPL hair removal in someone’s living room with a cat on my lap, no thanks). But this wasn’t that AT ALL, it was a really informative and useful appointment that got me thinking about new ways to approach my skincare routine and has me trying a whole roster of exciting medical grade skincare from AlumierMD.

“It’s been a month since I started my new AlumierMD regime, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had 2 skin compliments this week, and no wonder, my skin looks clear, glowing and hydrated.”

I’m now recommending that everyone books themselves in for a consultation with a real skin pro. It’s (usually) a free service that’s an invaluable tool in getting to know what your skin needs to look its absolute best. It’s also brilliant if you want a bit more from your skincare or if you’re experiencing some skin changes. Hiring a personal trainer when you want to up your fitness game is a no brainer – you know you’ll see results this way, and it’s exactly the same with skin. Consultations are hosted by a qualified skincare professional with impeccable knowledge of the skin, skincare ingredients and products. Trust a professional (AlumierMD only recommend the best) and your results will be impressive. Here’s how it went down….

Finding a pro

So first up, I punched my postcode into the handy map function and up popped a list of skin pros local to me and trusted by AlumierMD. In my case, I wanted someone that was easy to get to by public transport rather than near my home, so I had to do a bit of map manoeuvring, but I quickly came up with a shortlist of clinics. Most had both a phone number and a website, so of course I had a quick scan of their sites before taking the plunge and emailing with a request for a skin consultation. They all got back to me promptly, but in the end, thanks to a childcare malfunction, I ended up plumping for a video call at a well-established clinic with good reviews, and I’m glad I did because my skin pro really knew her stuff.

Getting started

I didn’t know what to expect when the time came for our zoom call, but I did feel a bit nervous about discussing my personal skin issues. As soon as we started talking though, I felt at ease, and it was clear my pro had dedicated her career to learning about skin. No surprise really, all the AlumierMD pros, whether they’re aesthetic practitioners, doctors, nurses, or dermatologists, invest in their skincare knowledge and expertise through their own professional development so they can support you and me.

This is how it unfolded

First, I talked skin.

Great news for a chatterbox like me! To start with my pro asked me why I had made the appointment at this point, had my skin changed recently? Spot on, I am heading rapidly towards perimenopause, and I had seen some new skin issues arise, namely deeper wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, and some areas of pigmentation that I used to only see in the summer months. I explained I wanted to get my skincare routine working a bit harder for me. I already have a fairly comprehensive routine, but I hadn’t changed any products for a few years, and I felt like it was time to get some more actives and target some of the issues I’ve been experiencing.

Then, my pro talked skin.

This was pretty impressive, as I felt so understood and cared for, it was almost like skin therapy! My pro asked all about my skin goals and what I hoped to achieve, which I hadn’t really thought about in such detail before. It was interesting for both of us, I realised that trying to turn back time isn’t my goal, but I explained I am keen to give my skin every chance to look and feel as strong and healthy as possible, particularly as my body starts to navigate more hormonal changes.

My pro also discovered all my dirty little skin secrets – oh come on, we all have them, right? I NEVER go to bed without cleansing (big plus) but also, hardly ever bother with eye cream (oversight). We went right through my current skincare routine and talked about diet and supplements, my exercise regime and lifestyle issues like stress. My pro mentioned that prioritising sleep is the key to managing stress, getting more from exercise routines AND means skin has a better chance at natural recovery. No surprise that 8-hours a night went straight to the top of my to-do list. My pro made me feel so empowered and I couldn’t wait to get my customised routine!

Next, my pro showed off my new regimen.

Then and there on the video call, my pro came up with a new day/night skincare regime for me. I was taken through each step and got some great tips too, for example, my new HydraBoost cleanser needs to be applied to damp skin, and it will also remove makeup – a relief, for a perennial foundation wearer like myself! Retinol was suggested and I nervously agreed (I had a bad experience a few years ago which left my skin red and inflamed), but a bit of hand-holding and strict instructions from my pro means I’m cautiously confident to start on the lowest level, just once a week and slowly increasing.

Easy, supported shopping, at home

Later that day I receive an email to activate my account at AlumierMD, and when I log in, I discover my very own prescription pad. It’s a cool bit of the site that pops up and shows me all the products recommended by my pro. It’s also got all the notes on how to use them, directly written by my pro and I can click on each product and add it to basket. The notes thankfully don’t disappear, and I refer to them multiple times as I start my new routine. I also ask my pro a question and get a quick answer that stays sitting with all this useful info. It’s comforting to know I can get an expert answer on any aspect of my skin routine from somebody I know and who knows my skin, I’m actively looking forward to meeting my pro IRL next time!

And now

It’s been a month since I started my new AlumierMD regime, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had 2 skin compliments this week, and no wonder, my skin looks clear, glowing and hydrated. I’ve particularly noticed my eye area looks smoother and applying concealer is easier, thanks AluminEye! I’ve had nothing but good outcomes from Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25 and I’ve moved up from applying once a week to twice a week (Sunday and Thursday in case you’re interested)! I haven’t seen a reduction in individual pigmentation marks as yet (that wouldn’t be expected for a few months once the skincare really kicks in!), but even after a few weeks, as a whole my skin looks brighter. I’ve arranged to meet my pro in person in 3 weeks’ time to review my skin regime and talk results.

It’s so great to know my pro will be there for me all year round! Instead of blindly choosing new skincare as the weather warms or cools, I’ll be enjoying seasonal skincare reviews with an expert. My advice? Put your face first and meet your new BFF skincare professional ASAP!

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