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Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

The Kit Features AluminEye™ in “Best Eye Creams For Everyone”

The Kit November 2016 Holiday Style Special issue writes: “In your 50s. What you’re noticing: Your skin is becoming drier, which exaggerates the appearance of wrinkling. Plus, its natural renewal process is slowing down. “Skin cells used to turn over every 28 days. Now it may be 35 to 40 days,” says Engelman. “Skin looks dull because the cells are trapped on the surface and don’t reflect light very well.” What to look for: Moisture-rich, creamy formulas. “I’d never put a gel on someone who’s 50, because they need a thicker base – more emolients to help combat the dryness,” explains Engelman. Neuser recommends looking to niacinamide to help revive that glow. “It’s a form of Vitamin B3 and can help with strengthening the barrier and keeping the cell turnover at the right speed,” she says. The Kit picks: ALUMIER MD Brightening Eye Cream.”

AlumierMD AluminEye cream pot on magazine article page
November 2016 The Kit mention

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