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Steph Eusler / December 18, 2019

Harper’s Bazaar writes about “Why You Need Retinoids”

Harper’s Bazaar April 2017 edition writes: “It is no wonder that many of us approach retinoids with trepidation. Their baffling number of forms, brand names and strengths can be almost as irritating as the original variants were on the skin. A derivative of vitamin A, which regulates cell turnover – bestowing a more youthful skin in both appearance and function – retinoids have always been effective, ‘but it’s the advanced forms that are important now,’ says Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem. The next generation are simultaneously less aggravating, and in their new form, more active. ‘Retinoids are the cornerstone of anti-ageing,’ agrees the dermatologist Dr Jonquille Chantray, KY”

AlumierMD Retinol Resurfacing 1.0 bottle on magazine article page
April 2017 Harper’s Bazaar mention


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