Alumier Skin Experts / December 19, 2019

2019 has been a solid year for this fabulous group of best sellers and award winners! When it comes to skincare, hydration is key and it seems that you all got that memo! Out of all of our offerings, the best-sellers are our super-hydrating products…

Alumier Skin Experts / August 30, 2019

When it comes to your skin’s pigment, there’s more than what meets the eye. WHAT EXACTLY IS PIGMENT ANYWAY? Melanocytes in the skin create melanin and are responsible for the colour of your complexion. Whether you are ebony brown or creamy white, there is pigment creating that hue for you….

Alumier Skin Experts / April 12, 2019

Sure, this may not be the most appealing subject matter but we need to get real — about rosacea. What causes it? Are the rumours…

Alumier Skin Experts / November 19, 2018

The festive season is nearly here and it’s time to get your skin care and makeup routine party-ready! First—Prep That Skin Beautiful makeup begins with healthy glowing skin and is the secret to achieving a long lasting and well applied makeup look.  Speak with your skin care professional about…

rujutay / March 4, 2016

In an independent clinical study where only AlumierMD home care treatment products were used, after 56 days of treatment, 82% of subjects said that the treatment penetrates and cleans up pores. 76% of the subjects felt that their skin was softer and smoother….